Cycling in Acadia National Park, August 2013

 Hi, I’m Barbara Gulino and I’m glad you stopped by!  This blog is an opportunity to share a lifetime of recipes and kitchen tips gathered from my many years of teaching cooking classes in Portland, Maine.  Delicious, well-tested recipes with a dose of treats (because life can be tough, and is way better with dessert).  I like to think of it as sharing my personal recipe binders (and I’ve got a shelf full) with you. I’m super curious about food, and love trying new recipes, so I’ll share those as well.   Since many of the recipes are ones that I have adapted over the years from books and articles, or collected from friends and family, past and present, I’ll make every attempt to give credit where credit is due, and thankfully, I’ve been a pack rat at saving magazine and newspaper clippings so I can usually trace it back.   As for the photos… for my first few posts, the amazing Heather Bartlett helped out with a few delicious pics.  Now it’s my turn, so, bear with me for a spell, I’ll eventually learn how to use more than my iPhone!  I should use the disclaimer:


I spend a lot of time now trotting back and forth between Portland and Mt. Washington Valley in New Hampshire where my vacation home and vacation rentals are located.  Soon, I hope to start blogging about past and current travel, because I love to pack my bags and explore!

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Published on August 27, 2013
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